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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 22nd, 2013

Why Having an Online Shopping Cart is a Must for Your Business

"People love my products. They'll come to my store and buy them."

Not so fast. E-commerce is experiencing a huge upturn in the sales industry. In fact, Orange Collar Media says that over 80% of Americans have shopped online. Even industries with products that are usually seen as "try before you buy" like appliances and clothing are seeing large numbers of online purchases. Having an online shopping cart developed for your website allows people to make purchases directly from your website without leaving. It is a great way to drive sales by turning site visitors into customers.

As somebody who buys a lot of my books on, I can attest to how easy it is to buy online. Whatever book was recommended to me by a friend, an old teacher, or whatever site I am using to browse, within a few clicks I can order the book.

While creating an enjoyable customer experience is always necessary and being personable does encourage people to choose your store for their needs related to your product, you don't want to lose customers because they weren't able to purchase something online. Whereas a loyal customer may come into your physical store and browse and interact with the employees, a casual customer looking online will buy somewhere else if they can't purchase from you directly off your site. You don't want to lose potential customers because they weren't able to buy something.

Purchasing online is convenient for your customers because it only takes seconds and they can do it directly from your website. Whatever items or services are listed on your site are able to be added to a cart and then checked out, using any payment method chosen by the customer. The shopping industry is in the midst of a change: people are realizing the ease of online shopping and are starting to buy everything online.

There are multiple types of shopping carts available that can be programmed into your website, and all of them are capable of different things. The best option, however, is a shopping cart that is developed specifically for your business. Whether you offer one-time purchases, subscription-based payment methods, or a combination of both, a shopping cart can be developed for your needs.

So start growing your sales and increasing your customer base with a customized shopping cart. Let us know if you need any help determining your need. We are happy to answer any questions in the comments below, over the phone, or in a free consultation.

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