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By: Jennifer Devitt on March 9th, 2015

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Will Apple Watch be the spring forward device for technology it is being hyped to be?


The stage was set. The hype was high. Tech geeks and Apple fanatics everywhere were giddy with the anticipation of a new tech toy. March 9th was the day. Apple creatively used daylight savings time as part of their hype building. They said on the announcement "Spring Forward". A suggestion that technology would be making leaps ahead with whatever Apple had to reveal on March 9th.  Did it meet expectations? Are we making a giant spring forward? I don't know.

Admittedly I have not been on the side of being one of the first to purchase an Apple Watch. But, SYDCON as an Apple developer was and still is considering a purchase for development platform purposes. I was hoping and was actually convinced that Monday's anticipated event would wow us all with a reason why we should line up and pre-order the latest piece of Apple hardware. To say I was underwhelmed is an understatement. But, that doesn't mean I think this will be a failure. I think the potential and possibilities of the device are huge.  When the first iPhone was released most could not have envisioned what it has evolved into.

Right now, what we know for sure is the price point on the Apple watch will start at $349 and go to an eye-popping $10,000 for the gold version. Oh and that gold version is only 18 karat gold not even 24! We know there are new apps to try, There are apps like Uber and Instagram. An app to unlock your hotel room, Twitter, Maps and more. 

Apple also rolled out a software update yesterday, iOS 8.2 and many are perturbed that Apple added an app/icon to their phones that cannot be deleted. First of all, I don't know why that surprises anyone, it's not the first app/icon that cannot be deleted from the device. The app will allow your iPhone to communicate with your Apple Watch, but since you can't buy one yet it makes it a useless ad temporarily. If it bothers you that much move it to the last home screen or simply stick it in a folder.

One item that isn't getting the buzz I think it should be getting is Research Kit. Geared towards the healthcare and medical community, researchers can take their research to a whole new level. They can collect data quicker, and more efficiently. They can have data updated from participants who use it regularly, There is already an "Asthma Health" app. This app allows asthma suffers from tracking triggers, map areas to avoid due to poor air quality, track symptoms and attacks and more.

I have said before I think there will be great potential in wearable tech, the Apple Watch, and iPhone in the healthcare industry. I think that while the initial capabilities of the Apple Watch may be underwhelming, what is coming will be a game changer. I think developers, researchers, and healthcare professionals will develop more and more ways to make managing things like asthma, diabetes and more easier and more effective.

So, will the Apple Watch be the spring forward in technology that creates more innovation and a different technology market? I think it will. I think that like other ways Apple is encouraging innovation such as their latest pitches in "Make Film" and "Make Music" or "What will your verse be"  we will see just what hurdles researchers and healthcare companies can overcome with the assistance of this newest hardware. I for one am looking forward to the potential the Apple Watch has when it will be used by creative individuals. Just like iPhone and iPad before it, the true potential for Apple Watch lies in the hands of all of us looking to see what our verse will be.