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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 15th, 2015

Will you be upgrading to iOS9 today? Here are some highlights.

Today is a scheduled software update for Apple. Until this morning it was expected that users would be able to upgrade to iOS9 as well as Watch OS2.

This morning reports are that the anticipated Watch OS2 will be delayed due to a bug. So far iOS9 is still scheduled to be released.  Software updates come with their pros and cons. Often times you have to make sure your device has enough room to install the update as well as allowing time for the update to run. The pros are always the buzz of the latest and greatest additions these updates come with.

iOS9 has been in beta for some time. Dave has had it on his iPad for awhile now and really is enjoying the split screen feature. I am highly anticipating the split screen feature as well but do not enjoy being a guinea pig for beta rollouts.  Other than the split screen, what can we expect from iOS9? Here are a few highlights

1. Better battery life. It is reported that the update will bring about an extra hour of battery life as well as a "low power mode" feature.

2. Better search capabilities. By swiping to the right a new universal search dashboard is available.  The hope is that it will allow the user to search their iPhone for more information and allow for Apple to learn your habits and make recommendations for what you want to search our use.

3. Improvements to the Notes app. The app will now allow bullet points, sketches, and photos.

4. Split screen capability on iPad Air 2 only.

5. Removing the "Newsstand" app and replacing it with "News". This will allow news apps from The New York Times, etc to just be standard apps again.

6. iMessage improvements. iMessage will allow for quick replies. This allows you to reply from a drop down notification without existing out of what you are doing.

The delay of WatchOS2 is disappointing. I am anxiously awaiting updates from apps like Nike + to see if I can just run the app on my Apple Watch while I run instead of on my phone. With allowing developers to have access to more functionality on the Watch, expect apps to take off in new and exciting ways.

A major reason to install software updates is security. Often times updates include patches to security flaws. And, this appears to be the case with iOS9. According to, there is a security issue affecting Bluetooth devices and the "airdrop" feature.  It is often recommended that users keep up to date with software updates to ensure the best possible performance of the software as well as to maintain the best security possibly (even though nothing is bullet proof).  



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