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By: Jennifer Devitt on December 8th, 2013

Winter is here. Here's my fav app to help get me thru it!

Brrr! So my dashboard in the car said it was a brisk 14 degrees out this morning. Yesterday we had snow on and off almost all day. Total accumulation approximately 5 inches. Yes, I realize it's December and I live in the Chicago area, so this isn't unusual. Considering I have lived here all my life, the winter weather is not my favorite.

I have several things that help me cope with the weather. Boots, hats, gloves, North Face gear, Starbucks, etc. One of my favorite coping mechanisms is an app. Yep, I am sharing with you another one of my favorite apps! This time it's "Remote Link" by OnStar. If you have OnStar but don't know about the app, hurry to the App Store and download it, it's free. Go ahead, you can read about it more while it's downloading.

What does "Remote Link" do you might ask? It will remote start your vehicle from anywhere. No more standing at an open doorway pointing your key fob out into the air hoping you are close enough to start your car. If I make sure to leave my air temperatures set and seat warmers on, with "Remote Link" I can get into a toasty car when its -20 degrees outside! That by far and large is its best feature. It will also tell you your tire pressure, oil and fuel levels, allow you to make emergency calls, lock your vehicle, and when it's hot outside you can open all the windows if you choose.

This app from OnStar is just another example of "There's an App for That!". Did you ever wish you could monitor something from a different location, or start a machine or vehicle? What kind of app would make your life or the life of millions easier? Chances are if you have an idea for something that makes something quicker, easier or automated it will make a great app. I read once that the best selling apps are the ones that were thought of out of frustration that something didn't function how the app creator wanted to they decided to make it better. There are apps for thermostats, lights, keyless home entry and more. What's the next great app? Could it be your idea? Don't wait talk to a developer and bring it to life!

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