Women in tech, baseball technology, Apple in healthcare, personal Google, Wall-E, smart clothing and more in tech news. Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Devitt on October 4th, 2016

Women in tech, baseball technology, Apple in healthcare, personal Google, Wall-E, smart clothing and more in tech news.

It's Wednesday and October is here. Tech news will inevitably start shifting to holiday e-commerce news soon, and of course, there is politics. Social media is having a major influence on politics, but we won't cover that here just to be safe.  This week, I actually have a lot of tech news for you. Shall we take a look at what I have for you?

1. Melinda Gates and Women in Tech. Melinda Gates is setting up office space and forming a plan to get more women in tech. The article states it's "personal" for Melinda Gates. Melinda graduated from Duke with a degree in Computer Science and she worked at Microsoft back in the day. With less than one in five women earning a degree in Computer Science, Mrs. Gates aims to change that.

2. Technology in baseball. It's no secret that technology is being used in sports. Lately, there have been more and more articles outlining just how major league sports teams are using programmers and tech experts in areas other than just software. Take this article from David Axlerod takes a look at how the Chicago Cubs utilize their staff of eight mathematicians and "computer whizzes" to benefit the team on the field. And then there is this recent article in The New York Times showing how software can assist teams with fielding! The article discusses "BAM"  or Major League Baseball Advanced Media which is a tool originally developed in 2001.

3. Apple partners with Aetna. Apple has partnered with health insurer Aetna to further ingrain themselves in the health industry. Aeatna will be developing iOS apps for medical care and subsidize Apple Watches.  When Aetna customers purchase an Apple Watch they agree to share their data with Apple and Aetna.

4. Google wants to make it personal. Google CEO Sundar Pichai wants Google to be more than a search engine. He wants to make it a personalized tool. This is Mr. Pinchai's ultimate goal:


"Our  goal is build a personal Google for each and every user. Just  as we built a Google for everyone, we want to build each user his or her own Google."


5. Wall-E the movie accurately predicted some things we use today. Take a look at what Pixar's 2008 movie got right about tech in the future.

6. Smart clothing to charge devices? Yep, you read that right. Chinese researchers are developing smart clothing made of special smart fibers that produce and store solar power.

7. New Google products. Google had a big product launch event. Take a look to see all the new gadgets and gizmos they have coming form new phones, virtual reality, Chromecast, Google Home connected speaker and more.

8. Apple growth in heath care. More and more apps are being created using Apple CareKit, thus expanding the app platform for Apple. Home Hero, a non-medical home care firm is using an app developed through CareKit. Caregivers who use the app can use it to communicate with their employers and log the care and work performed as well being able to schedule appointments and pay via the app.

I hope I provided some interesting and enlightening reading material for you this week, so you can get your tech news fix. What have you read this week, anything you want to share with me? Happy reading.  



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