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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 26th, 2014

World Series and America's pastime embrace technology via apps!

October Baseball. That can only mean one thing, it's World Series time. The first World Series was in 1903, it was between the Boston Americans vs. The Pittsburgh Pirates. Baseball is a timeless American pastime. The game itself doesn't change much. Sure there are new teams, name changes, and new rivalries.  One thing that has affected baseball, just like most other things is technology.

Now, I am not saying technology has changed the game itself per se, but it has changed the training, scouting, stats, atmosphere and even how we experience the game. The 2014 World Series is no exception to technology.  Below are some ways technology has affected the timeless sport.

1. Game streaming.  As with most televised shows and events, they way we view them has changed significantly.  Fox Sports now has streaming via their app.

2. Diamond Cam.  In addition, to live streaming, Fox also has thirty-eight cameras available as well as Diamond Cams. Want replays? How about slow motion or pitcher or catcher cams?  Ariel views? No problem they are all available.

3. Apple Pay. Apple and MasterCard combined to bring paying for that hotdog to your iPhone.

4. Mobile Tickets. Forget paper tickets, use your mobile device for your ticket. Want to see if an upgrade is available for a better seat location, check the app and upgrade at your fingertips. 5. MLB "At Bat".  Get live updates and stats with the official MLB app!

These are just some of the ways technology is enhancing the way we experience the World Series. Behind the scenes, teams are using apps for pitching, batting and fielding stats. They are using the data for scouting as well as game prep. Behind the scenes, there are many apps at work to revolutionize the game experience and player development. Baseball is maybe known as "Americas Pastime" but with technology, it is seizing the opportunities for future generations.



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