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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 2nd, 2014

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Yep, I went with a phablet. Check out my review of my new arrival the iPhone 6 Plus.


It's finally here. After traveling the world and getting more stamps in its passport than I have, my iPhone 6 Plus has arrived. Before arriving on Friday to a freezing Chicago on Halloween. It traveled from China to Korea to Hong Kong then onto Alaska. All before finally heading to Illinois. It had some delays along the way, my shipping wasn't exactly ideal. It had a flight delay, a "missed scheduled transfer". Let's face it this wasn't one of UPSs better experiences. I had to re-arrange my schedule three times in 24 hours to be around to sign for it! Geez! And, all of this after waiting 3 weeks for it to ship anyway (but hey it was estimated to take 4 weeks to ship, so it was early)! Some of you may say, it wasn't worth the aggravation. I say you're wrong.

As you may recall on launch day, Dave was able to upgrade and we thought I was not. Turns out it was a better idea for me to early upgrade and go with ATT Next but that's a horse of a different color and story for another time. So, initially, I thought there was no way I would get the 6 Plus, heck I even had doubts about a 6. I thought both might be too big for me. Dave after having to sketch out on paper the dimensions of both went with the 6 and now wants to trade with me! HA! Well, after seeing the 6 Plus in the Apple store, I was sold in about 3 minutes! I loved it. See, being a woman I didn't have to worry about my phone fitting in my pocket, even my 5 didn't. So, after handling it in the store and checking out the features I decide to go for the phablet!

Let me tell you, it was worth the wait. It has a beautiful display. The camera is superb! The pics are bright, crisp and clear. I love the rotating screen. Also, let me be honest and say my eyes are struggling lately and this larger display is a treat! Now, I am also an iPad user. This will not replace my tablet by any means. Also, can I just say how much I love touch ID? The shear ease is awesome. I know, it was available on 5S, but I had a 5 so to me it's new, and I love it!

So yeah, I went phablet and don't regret it. It took me about half a day to adjust to the size. Now my 5 seems like a kids' toy. It's funny how things evolve. Mobile phones used to be big and clunky. Then we went to flip phones and Razrs. But the size of the iPhone 6 Plus is complimented fantastically by its thinness. Also, yeah I have a cheetah print case, I am prissy, deal with it! Now, I just have to find away to keep Dave from switching with me when I am not looking. He will say, it's to test our apps and software, but I do that too. So, for once I came out ahead by having to wait in line behind him to upgrade. For once his gloating about having his first bit him in the you know what! So, there you have my reasons for going with the Plus and my review after having it for the weekend. If you have not ordered one yet, go for the 6 Plus. If you are awaiting your delivery, it is so worth the wait. So tell me, did you recently upgrade? If, so 6 or 6 Plus and why?