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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 11th, 2014

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You wouldn't ram your car into a tree to test crash results, don't try to bend your iPhone either!


Bendgate. First reports started surfacing in the early days following the iPhone 6 Plus release in late September.  At the time, I was waiting for my upgrade day. Dave had opted for a iPhone 6 and quiet honestly we had no intention of testing to see if his brand new phone would bend! I doubt Apple Care would cover it if you bent it in a experiment after all.

So, here I am having had my iPhone 6 Plus for almost two full weeks. I reviewed it here on the blog. Reports are still coming out about bendgate, almost two months after launch. In fact, just last week a website published photos of "hundreds" of bent iPhones.  Consumer Reports tested the bendgate scenario in late September. To say I found the talk of all this bendgate intriguing is a understatement. In fact I found it quiet bewildering. Below are reason I am bewildered.

1. Why. Honestly why are people even trying this experiment? They do realize these are expensive smart phones don't they?

2. Supply. With the short supply and high demand why on earth are people risking bending a phone they have in their possession?

3. Property damage. It's amazing to me Apple still has them on display when you read articles like this one "I walked into an Apple Store and bent a iPhone 6 Plus".

4. Price. I mean honestly, unless you have a endless cash supply why would you do this? Most people are either on a 2 year contract with a phone or on a plan like ATT Next which requires monthly payments of 18 months or more before you can switch to a new phone. Sure you can switch early but pay through the nose.

5. Fragile. Seriously people, these are smart phones. They are fragile. Why are we using them as seat cushions or putting them in blenders or vices to bend them?

I get that things get sensationalized in the news all the time. I understand there are Apple haters out there too, but I just can't fathom why someone would want to test this theory? If you stayed up late to pre-order on line, or waited hours in line or weeks for delivery why on earth would you then conduct this test? And, really what happens if you are successful in bending your phone? You are stuck with a bent phone! So, find some self control and don't do it! And, while you are at it, don't try to bend Apple's display phones or someone else's phone that ends up in your hands. I mean you wouldn't run your car into a pole to see if crash test reports are accurate would you? You wouldn't ingest a dangerous chemical to see if reports on harmful side effects are true would you? Well, you wouldn't if you had common sense. So, this is no different. Use the phone as it is intended.  Chances are if you go out of your way to do something any item or product isn't intended for you will either break it or cause yourself harm. And, when that happens don't blame the manufacturer.  And people wonder these days why some labels have warnings like "flammable do not put in mouth" or "this item will not allow you to fly".

There's my rant on bendgate. Tell me what stories have you heard on it? Have you experimented with it? It's ok you can tell me, sure I will think you're silly but thats ok we can agree to disagree. If you tried it were you successful? Who's with me, do you think all this is just plan silly?  Let's hear it!