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5 Ways to Successfully Manage Business Growth eBook

5 Ways to Successfully Manage Business Growth eBook

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Is Outsourcing Web Development the Right Move for Your Agency?

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It's SYDCON launch day. Come check out our new site.

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SYDCON in the community. A recap of GEMS 2017 and Basic HTML education.

Responsive Web Page Design and Proper Structure Using the Most Popular Bootstrap Framework

Weight loss with AI, multi-factor biometric fusion, smart hairbrushes, pet collars, showers and telemedicine in tech news.

A Brief Introduction to Game Theory: The MiniMax Algorithm

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at SYDCON! Are you ready for our Thankful Challenge?

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Google Street View, fitness tracker glasses, Apple Pencil, Smart Sports and tech in cannabis in this weeks tech news.

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Googles new operating system, implanted medical devices, food label app, vintage Macs, robots and shot on iPhone in this weeks tech news.

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Apple TV app, coding, IBM cancer chip detector, Baskin Robbins app, musical pillow and tech in the Olympics in this weeks tech news.

The "eye" in iPhone, teen developers, OS3 competitions, Twitter sports and EpiWatch all in sports news.

Apple history, Google Food, Snapchat, Nike, AI, Emergency SOS and ResearchKit in today's tech news.

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Rainbow Apple Watch bands, evolution of Instagram, iPhone debut, tech in the wine industry and Black Girls Code in today's tech news.

Nasa on Apple TV, today in Apple history, Apple Watch, iOS 10 and we're hiring in today's tech news.

Twitter's block button, Swift Playground, kill the password, Apple WWDC and We're Hiring in this weeks tech news.

Instagram changes, laundry goes tech, We're Hiring and Apple Music as explained by DJ Khaled in this weeks tech news.

Facebook messenger, Mircosoft, virtual reality, The Jetsons, Google Cardboard and We're Hiring in this weeks tech news.

Siri unlock my door, Levi's smart jacket, Apple Watch, alcohol monitor, Twitter and tech jobs all in todays Tech News.

We're hiring, Apple house call and hashtag bans in this weeks Tech News edition.

Instagram rebrand, kids developing apps and why are internet links blue in this weeks Tech News.

May the "4th" Be With You tech news edition take a journey with a missing iPad via Find My iPhone.

Apple CareKit opens the door for developers and healthcare companies to further medical advancement.

Take a look at this weeks tech news edition. Join us, and sign the petition to boost tech education.

My thoughts on the Apple Watch one year after it's debut.

Time for some tech news. Check out the latest edition of our Wednesday Tech News segment.

Tech news round up Wednesday is here, check it out!

It's Wednesday, here is your tech news roundup!

April is Autism Awareness Month. Take a look at how Apple and technology is helping raise awareness and provide a voice.

Join me for another edition of tech news Wednesday!

It's Women's History Month, take a minute to learn about some key women in tech.

A Wednesday roundup of tech news.

It's Twitters 10th Birthday, let's have a look at how it got to where it is today.

It's Super Tuesday in Illinois and 4 other states. I urge to exercise your right and vote.

What do Google, Coca-Cola,Happy Meals and the New York Times have in common?

Spring training is upon us, are you using technology to improve your game? I have some ideas.

What technology means for business development.

It's Monday, here is a round up of a few tech news items that caught my eye.

Social technology shows that tech usage doesn't mean we are all zombies.

It's February but these new high tech toys will have kids dreaming of Christmas!

It's time Computer Science Education became a equal with reading, writing and arithmetic.

Post Super Bowl Sunday Brand Bowl review. Let's talk the favorites and the bizarre.

Encouraging girls to pursue careers in STEM, SYDCON doing their part this weekend.

Valentine's Day is approaching, why not give a tech inspired gift this year? I have some ideas!

I found a new app genre I love to use to clear my head and get creative. Guess what it is?

How the Hour of Code initiative is reflected in the top jobs of 2016 lists.

3 things to consider about the control you have over your business online branding and information.

5 tech inspired fitness tools to help you with your 2016 resolutions and goals.

This week in tech news: Apple updates, CES 2016, Owlet Smart Sock, Uber for beauty and BowieNet.

It's CES time, 5 gadgets and gizmos I find intriguing from sneak peaks of the show.

What is Enterprise Software and how can it benefit my business?

How custom software solutions can make your business more efficient in 2016.

My top 15 holiday songs to kick off Christmas week. Happy Holidays!

SYDCON's Annual Holiday blog. It's a Wonderful Life, enjoy it!

SYDCON's annual tech gift guide. We offer up 12 perfect gifts for your tech lover!

Planes, trains and automobiles. Tech, transportation and the environment in 2015.

It's time for SYDCON's annual 10 minute Thanksgiving challenge. Are you game?

A quick run down on our initial plus/minus of the new iPad Pro.

Take a look at some of 2015's latest tech gadgets to make holiday cooking easier.

A midweek app review. We take whirl on fitness challenge app "Matchup".

Apple Watch now offering more fashionable choices for women consumers.

Retro video games and our recent trip down memory lane with Mario Brothers.

Halloween is approaching. Use one of these 5 safety devices/apps to keep your kids safe.

Happy Back to the Future Day! A look at our favorite quotes from the movies!

Have a project that requires developers or programmers? Consider these seven things to get started.

Traveling and technology. Why staying "plugged in" will make your travels easier.

Fitbit versus Apple Watch, read about our accuracy comparison.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go Now"? My thoughts on Apple Music.

Wearable technology is not just for fitness. How can you integrate it into your life?

Will you be upgrading to iOS9 today? Here are some highlights.

Apple's big event has come and gone. Can you guess what item I am anticipating most?

5 apps that can assist with personal safety while you're on the go.

First it was mobile, now it is Flash. How Google and other firms are forcing companies to move forward.

Anticipating Apple's September 9, 2015 event. What we can expect.

SYDCON's top 5 published blogs per LinkedIn statistics.

I challenge you to move more. Check out the "Stand" app to get started.

Tips on how to get the most accurate quote for your software development project.

Back to School shopping with a tech twist. 10 tech gadgets that made our list.

Technology is finding new ways to help patients overcome medical disabilities.

Why as a VP of Business Development for a software development firm I chose to jump on the Apple Watch bandwagon.

Learn how coding can be your tool by discovering the "Made with Code" program.

How technology is affecting school supply shopping and reducing paper.

What to expect when you work with a custom software development firm.

An in-depth look at our 3 most common custom development "FAQ's".

Are terms like "nerd" or "geek" discouraging today's youth from careers in technology?

4 innovative, tech gadgets to help you monitor your belongings on your next trip.

10 simple suggestions to make your next IT project run smoothly.

How will "Amazon Prime Day" impact Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Have some summer down time? Use it to run these 8 quick website checkups.

Is the Apple Watch geared more towards male consumers?

It's the middle of June, time to get your tech systems in order for a strong finish of 2015.

Ownership is a key factor to keep in mind when considering custom development or programming services.

7 great tech gift ideas for your Number 1 Dad!

How technology plays a role in the 2015 Stanley Cup playoff experience.

The iMessage bug bolsters the fact that we all need to better understand tech.

Graduation season is upon us, here are 7 tech related gifts to spoil the graduate.

5 ways custom software development fuels global business in 2015.

A fun Monday App review. It will add some fun to your day!

7 tech gadgets to make your summer safe, relaxing and enjoyable.

Summer travel is upon us, here are 8 ways technology has made traveling simpler.

Happy National Small Business Week! Here are 4 tips to boost your small business in 2015.

It's 2015 and the Royal Family is using social media for updates. Is your company?

Looking for a fitness wearable? See my review of the Fitbit Charge HR to see if it's for you.

Got a case of the Mondays? Give the app "My Idol" a whirl to kick start your day.

Happy Earth Day! 8 ways technology is supporting Mother Nature and protecting the planet.

For online reputation management, policing social media as well as review sites is key.

April deadlines, taxes and mobile. Google is making a change April 21st is your site ready?

How a bank, pizza chain and eyewear manufacturer are all considered tech companies.

7 ways technology has changed sports for coaches, fans and athletes.

7 tricks I use to survive when Monday sneaks up on you and smacks you in the head!

7 modern day advancements in healthcare made possible by technology.

Give your devices a refresh by tackling our checklist of the top 6 ways to declutter your tech devices.

5 ways technology has infiltrated the fashion world.

6 ways to use the web, apps and social media to make travel planning easier.

Is Disney paving the way for wearable technology in the real world?

Mobile, it's not just for shopping. Video streaming is making gains.

Will Apple Watch be the spring forward device for technology it is being hyped to be?

March 9th, is it Apple Watch announcement day? What will it mean for new technology?

Using technology to communicate in case of emergency in the complicated world we live in.

6 ways using social media can provide a treasure trove of content material for your business.

Apple's latest ad "Make Film" further challenges us to "let the learning continue".

Spring cleaning isn't just for your home. Dust off your technology and plan for upcoming seasons.

How Linkedin Publishing has expanded our blog audience and connections.

Anticipated release of Apple Watch comes with it's pros and cons as tech advances.

Social media and the difference between followers, connections and friends.

Change as a direct result of technology, when does it become the norm?

Snow day Monday, Super Bowl, Brand Bowl marketing genius and duds in review!

Technology, social media and real time marketing enhance viewer experience during SuperBowl.

Really? There's an app for that?

Social media and technology and it's impact on the State of the Union and TV viewing.

Graduation requirements for the class of 2019 compared to the Top 100 Jobs list.

Are we closer to living life like George Jetson and Marty McFly with the help of smart technology?

The App Store shatters more records. How can mobile and app technology help you do the same?

It's January and we're experiencing deja vu in Chicago. Let technology help you beat the cold!

Will 2015 be the year of wearable technology?

5 key things for your website as we ring in 2015.

Need a last minute gift? Perhaps technology can help you create something inspiring.

7 fun apps and tech to make your holidays easier and more entertaining.

SYDCON's Annual Holiday Blog. This year, I am sharing some traditions!

Computer Science Education Week. Celebrate by participating in "Hour of Code".

My top 8 must have items for the tech lover on your holiday shopping list!

My app of the day is "FingerKey". A bluetooth app that works with Apple's Touch ID.

Has Black Friday lost it's luster? Online shoppers and early sales took it's toll.

I challenge you to take 10 minutes to count your blessings this Thanksgiving!

Could user rules for private social media users be dangerous and aid in stalking?

Guru, ninja or wizard. Are all tech and social media people Dumbledores?

You wouldn't ram your car into a tree to test crash results, don't try to bend your iPhone either!

A pizza chain is a tech company and killing it's competition. What can you learn from them?

Holiday cooking made simple through technology with these apps and smart cooking devices.

Yep, I went with a phablet. Check out my review of my new arrival the iPhone 6 Plus.

How hiding behind technology is making us fat, rude and abusive.

World Series and America's pastime embrace technology via apps!

Kids homework making you nuts? Here are two apps to help you help them!

6 examples of how technology is used in everyday jobs.

PSA. 6 guidelines for parents and kids in today's day of technology.

6 reasons why working with a software development firm may be beneficial to your business.

6 tips to avoid social media spoilers during the Fall TV season.

Top 4 headlines that stuck with me after being on vacation!

Happy iOS8 release day! 4 key features of the new software!

5 highlights of Apple's newest products announced at yesterdays event.

5 potential reasons Apple may reject your app when submitted to the App Store.

7 key things to check on your website. Take 15 minutes and run a status check.

The invite has been sent. Here are the top 4 Apple rumors that are rampant prior to event on 9/9/14.

It's back to school time. Technology is now more than ever a key element in education.

8 essentials every website needs to be successful.

Christmas in August? Only 126 shopping days left till Christmas? Is your business ready?

A Monday app review: Check out "Sktchy" a cool art app.

Commuting via train in 2014. The good and the bad. Tech can make it better.

Blogging and writers block. They go hand in hand. How I combat it!

Running a company as a couple. A reflection on how we've done it for 10 years!

SYDCON is celebrating our 10 year anniversary!

Technology enhanced summer fun! Unplugging not required.

Web Developers. They don't just build websites, they leap small buildings in a single bound!

Is your web development project in limbo. Things to consider when switching developers.

Amazon's "Kindle Unlimited" unleashing new potential for ebooks?

Outlining SYDCON's process for working with digital agencies.

5 things to consider if your company uses social media.

iPhone 6 rumors are ramping up. What's on your wish list for new features?

The evolution of technology. A comparison of 4 items from 1990 & today!

Should paywall protected media be shareable on social media?

PowerGen Battery Pack for iPhone. A must have for the traveler, my review.

Six travel apps that show staying plugged in is ok!

Top 5 Father's Day gift ideas for the techie or gadget loving Dad.

Are you a fitness nut that travels a lot? You will love this app.

My favorite things about iOS8.

5 Things to watch for at Apple's Developer Conference this week.

5 things to consider when looking to hire a web developer.

5 things to consider for e-commerce development.

5 things to consider when developing a website.

National Small Business Week. 3 tips for small businesses to embrace.

Apple's "Find My Friends" app. Why everyone should have it.

Apps! There are millions of them. Share your favorite one with me!

Thriving retailers merge e-commerce with in store sales to create stellar shopping experience.

The coolest app for parents with young athletes. GameChanger.

10 ways to make sure your development project stays on track to meet your deadline.

Shopping for sunglasses is a whole lot easier with a virtual 3D app!

Social Media, spoilers and live event tweeting.

Social media prank gone wrong. Some things just are not funny.

What you need to know about Heartbleed security bug.

Operation Click - support the safety of teen drivers.

My experience and review of Beats Music

Examples of how technology or web development can save you money.

I challenge you to learn to make your own version of "Flappy Bird" for free.

Zappos shows how businesses can successfully utilize Pinterest to reach customers.

The 5 items technology made useless in the modern office.

How brick and mortar stores are using technology to do routine tasks.

Kids do not use technology for just video games anymore.

All development firms are not created equal

What will things like education and bookstores be like in 10 years?

The power of Twitter and the popularity of selfies.

Online ordering on the rise in restaurant industry.

Sometimes it's the simplest of apps that are the winners.

How will the polar vortex effect the economy?

What effect does technology have on intelligence and healthcare?

Having a top selling app is not always a good thing?

Programming as a 2nd language? I think it should be!

Brandbowl/Adbowl and social media on Superbowl Sunday.

Combat this winter by outfitting your home or office with a Nest.

Wearable technology, will it catch on?

Small, local business can't afford to continue to ignore e-commerce.

Modern technology and how it intertwines with everyday life.

Recent security breaches highlight importance of working with developers.

The app industry shows no sign of slowing down. Don't miss the boat.

Can your office function in extreme weather?

2014 is approaching. What's on your business tech agenda?

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for tech lovers.

Top Ten Best Holiday Movies.

SYDCON's Annual Holiday Blog. Come see my Top 10 Fav Holiday Things!

Support Hour of Code. The kids of America need it to succeed.

Winter is here. Here's my fav app to help get me thru it!

Increase in mobile shopping drives Cyber Monday sales!

An App for that. How about one thats a meat thermometer?

Happy Thanksgiving! Let me share 88 Things I Love.

The digital age. Its keeping TV shows and classic novels alive and kicking.

10 Everyday items that technology made useless.

Experiencing Disney via new technology utilizing apps while traveling

Holiday online shopping & Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales.

Twitter's IPO and how the naysayers were wrong about Social Media.

Apps! Do you have a favorite? Wonder what mine is?

Why I decided to go with a iPad Air instead of a iPad Mini.

Pinterest: Not the glorified theft ring everyone predicted a year ago.

Realistic programming deadlines and

When I was a technology advancements changed how things are done.

Web Developers Don't Just Build Websites

Why Custom Website Development is the Best Option for Your Website

New technology at Disney allows you to customize your vacation experience.

Streamline and "Go Green" by going digital.

Innovation vs. Tradition: Digital vs. Paper Information

7 Benefits to Having a Limited Access/Members Only Section of Your Website

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Systems Integration

What a Database Can Provide for Your Website

Why Having an Online Shopping Cart is a Must for Your Business

Writing A Case Study: Tips and Questions

Why Having a Custom Content Management System Will Benefit Your Website

The Presence of Technology in Pop Culture and How It Has Changed Everything

Web Design vs. Web Development

So What Now? Life after Technical Writing

How I Utilize Technology in My Current Position

The Necessity of Technological Fluency for College Graduates

I woke up this morning the parent of a high schooler, now what?

From Chalkboards to Whiteboards to PowerPoints, What's Next?

Collaboration Opens Doors

Seven Functional Differences Between a Mobile App and a Mobile Website

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Improving the web, one struggling website at a time. A mission for the greater good!

Dish Hopper - Slingbox Adapter Review

Breaking habits and embracing different technology, my weekend of iPad only!

Graduation Requirements for the class of 2017.

Come see our new digs!

It's more than just a name...

"I made my family disappear"... Holiday Traditions SYDCON style.

Web development, it goes far beyond your website.

Happy Birthday to the "Inc." of SYDCON...Shannon!

Is using a local small business good for your business?

Twitter and the 2012 Summer Olympics

Happy Birthday to the "Con" of SYDCON!

Stop messing around, get your mobile web in order now!

Pinterest: glorified window shopping not a theft ring.

Online sales are up, so why are Facebook stores closing?

3 Things to consider when choosing a webhost.

Happy Holidays from SYDCON Web Development!

Make a difference this holiday, get a BlueKey

The Importance of the Web In Public Relations

Social media ridicule to get new business?

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Kindle Fire (a review)

Happy 13th to the Syd of SYDCON!

Today I got the monkey off my back.

Post office solution to survival? Slam the internet!

Do Your Homework for a Website that Rocks!

Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest!

Klout, makes you go hmmm...

The Website is Alive and Well

Several ways your company can benefit from custom web application development...

From Gas Money to Full-time Success: A Guest Post...

Step away from the "Reply-All" button!

Spring is in the air...find your inner George Steinbrenner!

Who is the best person to develop a website?

You want to follow me, huh? Wait I need to "Validate" you first! New trend?

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells...

It's November, be thankful and starting thinking about 2011...

QR Codes & The Importance of Quality Landing Pages

Are there 2 SYDCON Web Development Blogs? Nah, we are moving the blog pardon the dust!

Customer Service is key right? So are you always going the extra mile?

Ding-dong the Web is dead! Wait, What? No....

How equipped are you to handle your clients changing needs?

The best solution is a individual solution!

Sometimes it does "Take A Village"....

Websites, Mobile Apps and iPhone Apps "Oh My!"

A key element to consider before launching a Social Media Campaign

How do you choose a firm? Testimonial, Locals, Better Business Bureau?

Do you have web development needs outside of a new website?

Is Monthly Fee Web Software Cost Effective?

Understanding the Lingo

Why website statistics are important?

Welcome to the SYDCON Web Development blog!

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